Company Introduction


Yujoo is opening a new horizon on the world stage.
We are moving toward the global top tier in the marine and harbor sectors based on our advanced technology and proven business execution capacities.

Corporation Philosophy

We achieve innovation and creation with new technologies in the marine and harbor sectors.

Yujoo Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is a general construction company based on civil works. In addition to general civil works, we have a number of patents and new construction technologies related to offshore construction structures.
We have successfully commercialized our patented technology and new construction technology, and are doing our best to expand this business.
Moving forward from the satisfaction of this achievement, all of the executives and employees will strive for continuous related technology development and commercialization in order to grow into a technology-intensive company specialized in the field of offshore construction structures.

Yujoo Person

Only the brave can stay ahead of the times.

Yujoo opens new paths with creative foresight to foresee the future, a firm determination to pioneer the future, and a strong driving force to make the future a reality. A Yujoo person, who is not afraid of change, is the greatest competitiveness of Yujoo, which will lead the future of the marine and harbor sectors.


Corporation Mindset


The Way of Yujoo

As a technology-intensive company specialized in the field of marine and harbor structures,

we will go beyond the existing construction-oriented business and provide services that combine competencies in all areas such as design, engineering, and R&D. We will pursue diversification through proactive market pioneering and become a global technology-intensive company leading the global marine and harbor industries by building an optimized management infrastructure.

Based on organic collaborations with related industries,

we will strengthen organic collaborative relationships with related industries to expand business areas as well as traditional areas of design and construction. We will also strive to lay the groundwork for green growth, such as renewable energy plants and environmental businesses.

Creating better marine and harbor value foundations.

We will become a company that creates a more developed marine and harbor sector, growing together with everyone and contributing to maritime culture by putting the highest value on “people” and creating a better place to live with a heart that is united with everyone.

Business Policy

Business Policy

The Way of Yujoo

Yujoo’s 2030 Strategy

Based on organic collaboration with related industries


Corporate Portfolio

Innovating the paradigm of harbor construction technology

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, marine and harbor technologies are following the technology of 100 years ago, so it is urgent to develop technologies that can produce effects such as water-friendly space implementation, landscape improvement, and economic feasibility. There is an urgent need to develop source technology that can lead the global harbor construction market.