CEO Greetings


"The stage of Yujoo is the world.
We will strive to become the world’s top company that leads innovation and creation with new technologies in the marine and harbor sectors."

대표이사 김상기I sincerely welcome all of you visiting Yujoo’s website. Yujoo is a global company that is active around the world as a company specializing in the marine and harbor sectors.

Founded in 2003, Yujoo has grown into a company that leads innovation and creation in Korea's marine and harbor sectors with the belief that “the history of the marine and harbor sectors is the history of Yujoo.”

Yujoo’s activities on the global stage are accelerating.
Now, Yujoo is taking a leap from the role of a traditional construction company limited in its design and construction to a developer enterprise that encompasses the entire process from project discovery to planning and construction.

Currently, Yujoo has registered and applied for patents in 60 countries around the world, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, China, Vietnam, and Singapore, to secure exclusive rights to world-class source technologies.
Yujoo Co., Ltd., a marine and harbor company, has succeeded in commercializing a number of patents related to marine facilities, and is striving to grow into a technology company specializing in the marine and harbor sectors.
The Tiecell method, which has high economic feasibility, landscape and stability, will become a source technology that leads the global harbor construction market.

Yujoo will continue to grow to be the world’s top company through endless innovation and creative challenges.
In addition, we will do our best to create corporate value respected by the customers and society. Thank you to everyone who has shown love and interest in Yujoo.
As a sincere company, Yujoo promises to show you bigger and richer developments moving forward.

CEO of Yujoo Co., Ltd., Kim Sang-gi