Yujoo's construction method is a technology that manufactures small blocks off the coast, assembles them like Lego bricks, and applies the Tiecell method to produce a single giant structure.

A floater is a large structure that supports wind power generation facilities on the sea and is similar in design to a semi-submersible floating production system (FPS), one of the marine plant facilities.
In a semi-submersible type, the turbine can stably generate electricity even when it is floating on the sea. In particular, it has been developed as a structure favorable for quay wall work, so it is possible to quickly mount the generator turbine from the quay wall to a floater and then transport it to the installation area on the sea as it is. So, it can shorten the construction time and also resist the powerful typhoons on the East coast.

The advantages of this structure are as follows.

No risk of liquefaction and earthquake resistance
Shortened recession period during construction and reduced construction cost
Easy extension of future facilities / Mobility
Environmentally friendly compared to recession
No need to take measures against subsidence or secure recession materials during recession.
Can be installed regardless of sea depth or seabed ground conditions
Mega Floater
Mega Floater
Floating Wind Power Foundation
Floating Wind Power Foundation