01 Structural Stability

  • • Unlike the existing method of lifting through adhesive force, a winding method is used
  • • Use of wire ropes without ends - About three times more stable
3D numerical analysis (new method)
A. Analysis result
Analysis result
B. Stress Review
Stress Review

02 Workability

  • • No need for heavy wire rope cutting and processing
  • • No need to install a lifting cable box

03 Quality

  • • Volume expansion due to wire rope corrosion - Causes block cracks
  • • No risk of corrosion since there is no wire rope

04 Eco Design

  • • When lifting, rusty water continues to occur after one use - Causes seawater contamination
  • • No rust because there is no iron component - Prevention of seawater pollution
Eco Design

05 Economics

  • • Increase in construction cost because the wire rope lifting cable can’t be used after one-time placement
  • • The lifting cable can be recovered after placement and re-used more than 100 times for block placement

06 Maintainability

  • • When the block is lifted again after a certain period of time, it is possible to re-lift by inserting a wire rope through the penetration pipe.